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The following is a list of projects (websites, mailing lists, etc.) that were set up by Prosomawi Media. The external links are in the section titles.

Tyler Zahnke Fan Site

I, Tyler Zahnke, am a comedy/parody musician. I am also the founder and owner of Prosomawi Media. My own fan website was our first project; it actually existed before Prosomawi Media! So, it is basically a Prosomawi production before Prosomawi existed. But don't let that turn you away. From now on, it will be considered a Prosomawi production.


Founded in February of 2012, Vitripedia's stated goal is to become a wiki-based glass-makers' compendium. As far as we (Prosomawi Media) know, it is one of its kind. We at Prosomawi aren't glass-makers, but we want a place for glass-makers to collaborate, wiki style. So we're promoting like crazy. We are trying to get glass experts to write in our wiki. After all, it is Prosomawi's first open wiki. We've done "locked wikis" before, (like Prosomawi itself) but no open ones. So, hooray for Vitripedia! We hope to see some vitriform articles soon.

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