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Welcome to Prosomawi Media. We are a media production think-and-do tank, founded in November 2011. The word "Prosomawi" stands for programming, social media, mailing lists, and wikis. We try to find fields of knowledge that don't have a website, and make a website for them. For example, we had never heard of a forum specifically for cassette enthusiasts, so we're building TapeVille, a place for tapers to communicate. We do services for both our own good and the good of others. We are a production tank.

We also develop apps that serve various purposes. They are in-browser apps, which means that anyone with a modern-day (JavaScript-enabled) browser can run them. A typical app will serve a purpose such as sound looping, textual code looping, various arithmetic, etc. To get a feel for our production tank, click the links below.

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